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Game Console Repairs

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Common Problems

Xbox 360 RROD (Red Ring of Death) and PS3 YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) RLOD (Red Light of Death) are the most common problems encountered with game consoles, we can repair these type of problems as they are usually caused by VGA chips on the consoles motherboard that have overheated causing cracks to occur on the BGA and making the VGA (Video Chip) chip fail.  

We can also repair disc drives and replace disc drive lasers for games consoles.

Using our Dark Infra Red Rework Station we can repair most games consoles, laptop and computer motherboards that have VGA problems.

We do not outsource repairs, they are carried out in our workshop which means you won’t be waiting weeks for your console to be returned

If your console does break down and there is a game or DVD inside the disc drive don't attempt to remove it, doing so can damage the disc drive.

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What is BGA?


BGA or Ball Grid Array is one type of packaging for surface-mounted *PCBs (where components are actually 'mounted' or affixed on the surface of a *Printed Circuit Board) A BGA package has no leads or pins. The Ball Grid Array gets its name because it is basically an array of metal alloy balls arranged in a grid.


For any BGA soldering, the solder balls on the package have controlled amount of solder. Solder ball in various sizes of 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm etc are used. When the Board with the solder balls and BGA Package is placed on a Rework Station, it gets heated using Dark Infra Red and the solder melts. Surface tension causes the molten solder to hold the package in the correct alignment with the circuit board. It is important to take care of the composition of the solder alloy and the soldering temperature so that the solder does not completely melt, but stays semi-solid , so that the solder balls stay separate from each other and do not result in any bridging.

Using our Dark Infra Red Rework Station we can Remove BGA chips and re-ball them. We operate a No Fix No Fee policy††

††No Fix No Fee applies only to consoles where the original Warranty Seal is intact if no warranty seal or the console has been previously opened a £35.00 fee will be charged regardless.

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What is Re-balling

Re-balling a BGA chip requires the chip to be removed from the PCB and the old solder removed, the chip is then de-soldered, cleaned and new solder balls are set onto the BGA using a heat resistant template, the BGA is then heated to the correct temperature, when the solder ball cools they are fixed onto the BGA chip, the chip is then placed and aligned onto the PCB and the rework station is used to weld the BGA to the PCB